La Concha Vantage Point
07 Dec, 2022

For nature lovers: the five best vantage points near Real de La Quinta

Preview La Concha Mountain
Preview La Concha Vantage Point

On one side, you can have a glimpse of Africa’s silhouette. On the other, extensive olive groves as well as chestnut and pine forests wind their way through the mountain villages. The surroundings of Real de La Quinta, between the coastline of Marbella and the protected area of the Sierra Blanca, offer numerous options to get to know the landscape from different perspectives.

5 must-visit vantage points on Costa del Sol

1. Los Altos de Marbella Vantage Point

From this vantage point, which is just over 300 m high, you can see the entire bay of Marbella as far as Puerto Banús and the town of Ojén on the north side. It is a place frequented by amateur photographers both during the day and at night, although its strong point is at sunsets.

2. Macho Montés Vantage Point

A monument to the mountain goat, a species characteristic of the Sierra Blanca, crowns this well-known vantage point on Costa del Sol. It is at an altitude of 900 metres and is perfectly prepared for traffic. Despite the imposing rock walls and the erosion of the passage of time, it is a safe place to enjoy panoramic views that sometimes allow you to see Gibraltar.

3. Muelle de Honor Vantage Point

At the foot of Torre del Duque, on the south side of the José Banús marina, there is an ideal place to contemplate the sea. The Mirador del Muelle de Honor is an accessible place where many people go walking every afternoon to enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean in its purest state.

4. Hermitage of San Miguel

A place recommended for hiking enthusiasts who are prepared for a tricky ascent in certain parts. It is possible to find wild horses among the steep dirt tracks, although the real prize is at the top of this peninsula, which offers spectacular views of the Picacho de Istán and the reservoir of La Concepción.

5. La Concha Vantage Point

The peak of La Concha is a unique spot just a few kilometres from Marbella. Its summit offers sweeping views of the coastline which, on clear days, allows you to see the coast of Morocco. Inland, the diverse landscape of pine forests, chestnut forests and olive groves is surprising.