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Breeam certification helps to improve the level of building
sustainability in Spain by promoting the best practices and
technologies available on the market.


BREEAM* (Building Research Establishment Environmental
Assessment Methodology) is the most technically advanced method
for assessing and certifying building sustainability and is a world
leader that has been in the market for +20 years andhas certified
+541,000 buildings in 77 countries since it was created in 1990.

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To improve the environmental performance of sustainable buildings, reducing their impact on the environment while they are being built and during the life cycle.


To acknowledge and promote best market practices.


To highlight and promote the economic benefits of sustainability to stakeholders and customers.


To provide a complete method for measuring and monitoring the environmental performance of sustainable buildings.


To consider all areas of sustainability.
In other words, financial environmental and social pillars.


To be a market benchmark at the forefront of current legislation while also being a factor for differentiation.


Reducing the impact on the environment and improved health and comfort for anyone who lives, works or uses the BREEAM* building.


Real de La Quinta's BREEAM certificate offers more profit for whoever builds, operates and/or maintains the building.


Promotes more sustainable building, leading to financial, environmental and social benefits for everyone connected to the life of building (developers, owners, tenants and users).


BREEAM sustainable house building transfers Corporate Social Responsibility from the company to society and to the market in a way that is unmistakable and easy to see.


"Very Good" certification.

Why good isn’t good enough for Real de La Quinta.

Environmental benefits icon

Environmental benefits:in sustainable housing

Location of the site, access to public transport, encouraging the use of bicycles, etc. The BREEAM Sustainable Housing Project minimises its environmental impact and respects its surroundings.

Reduction of waste taken to the dump during the useful life of the develpment.

Use of refrigerants and insulation with low global warming potential, heating systems with low NOX emissions rates, etc.

Financial benefits icon

Financial benefits:

For users 
The Real de La Quinta BREEAM Project decreases energy consumption 50-70%, water consumption is up to 40% less and operating and maintenance costs are reduced 7-8%.

For owners 
Increases the value of properties by 7.5%, rents by 3% and the occupancy rate for the properties by 3.5%.

Social benefits icon

Social benefits:

The international atmosphere in buildings where we work, study, buy or relate to others makes a significant contribution to our quality of life.

Measures such as:

  • Air quality
  • Light and sound levels
  • View

These all have a direct impact on making buildings more comfortable, more productive, safer and healthier for users and, hence, for society.

Cultural benefits icon

Cultural benefits: of BREEAM certification in Real de La Quinta homes

Capacity to transform the market:

- By promoting the use of sustainable building materials.

- By creating sensitivity regarding the importance of building sustainability.

Very Good certification icon

Our "Very Good" certification means

  • Reduced Water Consumption:
    • through low consumption sanitary ware.
    • through drip feed watering.
    • through the installation of humidity sensors to avoid automatic watering during rainy periods.
    • through landscaping with indigenous plants with low water requirement.
    • through recycling of rain and residual waters for irrigation.
  • 10% Less energy consumption than the Breeam “Good”levels.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions resulting from reduced energy consumption.
  • Efficient lighting through LED bulbs with additional sensors to detect natural lightlevels for exterior lighting control.
  • Construction control: throughout the housing construction period the environmental impact and waste management have exceeded the 85% score.
  • Apartments all have energy certificates at level B.
  • All gardening waste at the Real de La Quinta BREEAM project is recycled.
  • Air conditioning systems are all automated.

Who uses BREEAM methodology?

Property Agents use it to promote a building's environmental benefits and credentials to potential buyers and tenants.

Project Designers use it as a tool to improve the operation of their buildings and to increase their knowledge and experience in all aspects of environmental sustainability.

Companies use it to reduce operating expenses, measures and improve the performance of buildings, develop action plans and monitor and report on execution for one single building or for all of their real estate assets.