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Real de La Quinta Residential Country Club Resort® is an enchanting 200 hectare residential resort, seamlessly integrated into the idyllic foothills of the Sierra de las Nieves overlooking the majestic La Concha mountain, the picturesque Costa del Sol and bordering the UNESCO biosphere reserve. Fulfil your lifestyle dreams with the Real de La Quinta real estate project where nature coexists with the modern world.

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Virtual Tour

Don't miss this opportunity to get to know the Real de La Quinta project with our 360º virtual tour, its location within the surrounding landscape, its views, the lake and the features such as the golf course, the El Lago Club, hotel and commercial area .... that we are building so that you can live and enjoy this very special residential complex.

360º Virtual Tour

Much more than amazing properties and a privileged location

Joseph Ginther

real design

Real de La Quinta draws on the unique skills of leading architects dedicated to creating innovative designs that are firmly grounded in nature and the traditions of Andalusia, but also incorporate groundbreaking ideas and technologies that make these 21st Century homes truly special.


Real de La Quinta


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Pablo Villaroel, architect of Sabinas, describes how the orography and views of Real de La Quinta have influenced the design of this development.

Pablo Villaroel

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"Real de La Quinta is pure Costa del Sol". This is how Rafael de La Hoz, architect of Palmitos, describes our most extraordinary project.

Rafael de La Hoz

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Lake - Golf Course - El Lago Club: How they're developing the core features within the overall framework of sustainability and respect for the environment whilst simultaneously creating the future lifestyle of the resort, its residents and their guests

Interviews with the Designers

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"A great concept of Lifestyle and Sustainability". This is how Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson, architect of Olivos & Quercus, describes Real de La Quinta.

Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson

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"A high-quality resort, that’s sustainable for the environment, completely integrated with nature and transmits the lively and positive side of Marbella, alongside the innovative and practical “smart living” philosophy of Northern European countries"

Rick Volpe


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"I think we made the right decision to move here and have found a good place for our son to grow up. This place has all the ingredients for a good life. We’re definitely very, very happy."

Stephan Betke

Preview image for the video "Anthony Martin and Quercus at Real de La Quinta: Testimonial".

"We loved the look, the setting, we found the feeling of height, the breeze and of course the stunning sea views very pleasant, so from that moment on we decided it was time to look for a nicer and bigger place in the hills with this kind of natural and open air feeling..."

Anthony Martin

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Our ambassador Philippe Celis has it clear: its location, the views and the vision of the project are the three factors that made him decide to become part of this growing community. 

Philippe Celis

Preview image for the video "Rudi Cleymans at Olivos, Real de La Quinta".

"It is the best place you can think of to work and have the views and climate of Spain" - Olivos resident, Rudi Cleymans, shares his experience of life in Real de La Quinta.

Rudi Cleymans

Preview image for the video "Ontmoet de Familie Geyskens - Olivos Pioniers".

The Geyskens were fans of La Quinta before Real de La Quinta was launched. As soon as they heard about the project, and the first development Olivos, they decided to invest in an apartment.... this is their story.

the Geyskens

Landscape BREEAM


It is not that Real de La Quinta is surrounded by nature: it is built in nature. Sustainability and respect for the environment are the basis of the innovations incorporated into our community. We are the first project in Spain that has received the infrastructure planning certificate issued by BREEAM, the world's leading organization for sustainability valuation.

Applied in more than 70 countries, BREEAM is a global standard for assessing building projects in terms of their ecological and social responsibility. So from water and energy use to urban mobility, from recycling to local suppliers, from landscaping to protecting the local flora and fauna, the BREEAM stamp means safeguarding the future.


Real de La Quinta - Real Life

Real de La QuintaReal life

Find your real home in Malaga with our real estate project in Marbella. Enjoy an exquisite setting, spectacular views, exceptional facilities and great service. At Real de La Quinta, you can find the lifestyle you deserve, the lifestyle you have always dreamed about.

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