Services of the Real de La Quinta resort CUSTOMER SERVICE

More than 15 years' experience of the customer service department enables us to offer you a series of features and an infrastructure that will harmonise with your lifestyle, as well as an unbeatable level of service. No detail is too small or personalised for us when it's a question of making life easier, more secure and more pleasant for our residents and guests.

The correct functioning of the whole community of Real de La Quinta is priority for all those who work in it. We are expecting you. Get to know all the resort's comprehensive services and discover how we take care of every detail of customer service.

REAL COMMITMENT making it happen


Take the work out of letting out your property with our rental management service. Whether on a short-term basis or as a longer-term rental investment, our experts can handle every aspect of the process to ensure total ease and peace of mind.

Rent your Property with the experts in Real de La Quinta and La Quinta.

We specialise in the leasing of properties in Real de La Quinta and Urb. La Quinta Golf. This market exclusivity guarantees you excellent customer service and an advantageous knowledge of the real estate on offer in the area.

We look for a tenant, manage the check-in and check-out and organise the cleaning prior to the arrival and departure of the tenant. We request our key safekeeping service to incorporate 3 complete sets of keys (2 for the tenants + 1 remains in our key bank) to your property.

This will also allow you, in case of loss/forgetfulness/emergencies, to perform any of the services in your absence or with your prior written authorisation, to hand over the keys to your friends and family who need access. 

Start earning money, trust the best!

& laundry

We are proud to have a team of cleaners of the highest standard with the best price to quality ratio available in today's market. They are all professionals who undertake their responsibilities to the highest standards of quality. You do not have to worry about a thing.

  • Personnel under contract to La Quinta guaranteeing quality and security.
  • Transport included in the price.
  • Top brand products provided by our team.
  • Work organized and overseen by our housekeeper.
  • Collection and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning.
  • All our cleaners are insured protecting you against any labour accident which might occur in your home, or during travel to or from it.
  • Since you are covered by the cleaning service of La Quinta, you will never be left without service through sickness or vacation. We guarantee a professional for every cleaning service you contract.

We will quote for the monthly or annual cleaning of your home.


Our specialist team will look after your property and ensure everything works perfectly, whether it’s handling your utility supplies, cleaning your pool or tending your manicured garden. The resort's services also include all types of repairs, refurbishment and decoration.

At La Quinta we don't stop at selling you your house. We are aware of the importance of ensuring that it is always in perfect condition for your use and enjoyment.

  • La Quinta has a team of technicians who guarantee quality and security.
  • We have the best specialists in each area: electricians, carpenters, plumbers, architects, bricklayers, painters, etc.
  • No one knows your home like our technical team, We have built and then maintained it since the very first day.
  • We undertake any type of repair from a central control centre with a single telephone number.
  • Follow up and personal attention for every repair, we keep our clients informed in a clear and transparent manner.
  • All out technicians are legally covered and insured, and attend regular training courses giving you the peace of mind with respect of any labour accident that might occur in your home.
  • We promise assistance within a maximum of 48 hours. Our proximity allows us to provide a fast and personal service.
  • We will manage any quote you might require for refurbishment or remodeling you might require in your home.
  • We have an emergency telephone number active from 9am to 22pm (technical repairs, water leaks, fire or water cuts).

Our team of professionals work towards a single goal, making your stay as pleasurable as possible. Place your trust in our hands, we will not let you down.

Remember that when you contract La Quinta you receive:

  • Guarantees
  • Security
  • Specialised product knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Proximity

TV & telephone

Whether it’s TV and satellite, Internet or telephone, you can be sure of high quality, reliable support that keeps you connected. 

From La Quinta Real Estate Group, we are pleased to inform you that we have a department providing telephone and internet services, with more than 25 years of experience. We have recently made a large investment project to improve our lines, adapting to new technologies. With this improvement we are able to offer the best quality service thanks to our fiber optic connection, which has the following characteristics:

  • Free installation *.
  • Internet connection speed symmetrical 300MB (300MB up / down).
  • National calls to landlines included.
  • 24 hours flat rate, without download limit.
  • Without commitment to stay.
  • Possibility of cancellation or temporary suspension of the service *.
  • Personalized assistance service, unlike other operators our staff will set up the equipment in your home for a good Internet connection at no additional cost.
  • Assistance in case of break down within a maximum of three hours from Monday to Friday, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays, at no additional cost.
  • Reception of TDT channels, plus BBC1 and 2, ITV1, 2, 3 and 4, Channel 4, 4 + 1 and 5, CITV, Sky News, BBC News, True Movies 1 and 2, Drama & Entertainment, Film4 and BBC4.

(*)conditions at our office.

Key holding

The most secure, economical and reliable way to arrange access to your keys at any time. Our key holding service allows you access to a spare set of keys in case of loss or forgetfulness in addition to allowing for any technical support or cleaning you may wish to arrange during your absence. Your keys are kept in a safe with 24hr connection to a computer controlled system called Key Bank, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your keys are always secure.

The Key Holding service is the key that unlocks a range of our services. Provided you
advise us of your scheduled arrival, our cleaners can leave your home aired and clean,
perfect for its use and enjoyment. Our staff can buy the basics for dinner or breakfast,
Access to your keys also allows us to respond rapidly in case of any eventuality (water
leak, electrical problem, etc.).

La Quinta also offers you an emergency assistance telephone number (technical repairs,
water leaks, fire or water cuts) from 9am to 22pm.


As vocational promoters, we want the projects to be kept in perfect condition in all aspects - aesthetics, gardening and general maintenance - keeping control over its financial optimization, in order to make sure your property keeps it high standards.

As everyone knows the buildings’ life cycle is directly related to their maintenance condition, in this sense La Quinta Administracion, SL has chosen a good team dedicated to communities, reinforcing the conservation action.

Who are we?

Francisco Alvarez Mora, economist, and Luis Barbara Burgos, technical architect. Both with recognized professional qualities, we give added value to the communities by providing our technicians both with administration and maintenance knowledge. But obviously this circle of control and management would not be complete without the contribution of both internal and external workforce that forms the team of La Quinta (legal and tax advice, city-planning, etc.) that supports our work in achieving our objective, i.e. stand out in the market and be a reference in it.

What do we offer?

Our experience in property development, capabilities and communication with other areas of the company - real estate, technical department, rentals, resales, internet, fiber optic, telephone, delinquency management and general services - makes us different from our competitors, providing adequate service management with global vision and without losing any details of the needs that each community has.

We are accessible and are available to all owners and the Community Board, with a emergency telephone number active from 9am to 22pm. To ensure proper functioning of the Community, we offer the best service at competitive prices.

What are our goals?

We manage and advise; you decide. Our philosophy is that the Administrator should be responsible for all matters within the Community, following the guidelines established by the General Assembly of Owners and the instructions marked by its President, together with the advice of the Committee members. We are convinced that our customers should enjoy their homes while their investment is revalued.

Would you like us to help you with the administration of your community?

It will be a pleasure for us to advise you as to how to manage your community. We are at your disposal for any questions. Visit us at La Quinta or call us at +34 675 779 809 or write to the e-mail

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