Ana Ramirez (OMBI) and José Luis Moreno (HCP)
28 Jul, 2023

Ana Ramirez (OMBI) and José Luis Moreno (HCP): "... everyone on our team has integrated very well, it's been a great relationship so far. It's been great."


We work with various disciplines throughout the whole development process of the project. We have to work closely as an integrated team and holistically around the entire process of design and also the production of all the documentation, so I think it has worked nicely for us and our team. All of our team members have integrated well, and the relationship has been building perfectly so far. So, it’s been great.

Jose Luis: 

In this project we knew we were going to be the Local Consultant of an international practice who is quite experienced in hotel design, so from the first day, we have been trusting their experience. We’ve always been available for any support with regards to our competencies in this project.