Bil-Bil Beach
08 Jun, 2022

The best beaches on Costa del Sol

Preview Artola and Cabopino Beaches

Artola and Cabopino Beaches

Preview Bil-Bil Beach

Bil-Bil Beach

Preview Malagueta Beach

Malagueta Beach

More than 150 kilometers of coastline make up the portion of the Mediterranean known as Costa del Sol. Its name is its best feature. This Andalusian region is not only sunny most of the year, it also has the unique shine of crystal clear waters that bathe its most iconic beaches.

Top 5 beaches on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol hides incredible natural treasures on the shores of the Mediterranean. From the liveliest and busiest beaches to the most secluded and paradisiacal, this is a ranking of the beaches that you should not miss if you visit the area.


1. Malagueta Beach

Due to its location just 10 minutes from the centre of Malaga, it is one of the busiest beaches in the area. This also makes it one of the beaches with more services and alternatives for leisure and restaurants—a good option for family trips.


2. Bil-Bil Beach

Following the line of Benalmádena's promenade and under the watchful eye of Bil-Bil Castle, this beautiful 400 m long sandy beach makes its way onto this list. The coast of Bil-Bil is the perfect place to spend a day in the sand and sun. It’s a place where you can also enjoy incredible sunsets with a drink on a terrace.


3. Maro Beach

An absolute dream spot in the municipality of Nerja. Sheltered by imposing cliffs, Maro Beach is a peculiar refuge of blue waters and fine sand. Despite being a paradisiacal spot somewhat removed from civilisation, it is equipped with some essential services (showers, toilets, beach bars).


4. Artola and Cabopino Beaches

A portion of Marbella's coastline is surrounded by dune landscapes of white sand and crystal-clear waters. Artola and Cabopino are two beaches that are somewhat isolated from the capital but have a wide range of leisure and restaurants. A destination with calm, shallow waters, and a very family-friendly atmosphere.


5. La Chullera Beach

Those looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle will find a great alternative on the beach of La Chullera or Punta Sardina. It is a coarse sand beach, dotted with unique rock formations that’s especially suitable for spearfishing enthusiasts.