Philippe Celis
31 May, 2022

The Celis family and Real de La Quinta: love at first sight

At the beginning of 2018, they considered the possibility of having a second home in Marbella and, in just a few days, their plan for the future was set in stone. Philippe Celis and his family discovered Real de La Quinta and started a new life project. Since then, they have been part of this residential dream in continuous development.  

Living the Mediterranean dream

His second residence in Real de La Quinta has offered Philippe and his family the chance to enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean in all its splendour. From beaches and mountains to picturesque villages, there are endless possibilities to experience this corner of Andalusia through all five senses. 

Their residence in Real de La Quinta has offered Philippe and his family the possibility to enjoy Mediterranean essence in all its splendour. Culture, gastronomy, leisure, sport... This strategic enclave at the foot of Sierra de las Nieves and within easy reach of Marbella, Benhavís or Puerto Banús has opened doors to all the region's attractions with the added advantage of living in an exclusive, secure, and comfortable space.  

Peace of mind provided by the customer service has been a bonus to this real estate experience. Managing your second home from a distance and with advice from a team of professionals has been another significant advantage of investing in this project.  

A project that looks to the future

One of the aspects that Philippe Celis values most about Real de La Quinta is its future projection. Celis and his family landed in this corner of Marbella-Benahavís at an early stage of a large residential project. This has allowed them to witness the evolution of the complex and its revaluation with new areas, homes and services.  

The acquisition of a 400 m lake is one of the most awaited proposals by the family. Around this idyllic natural space, a fantastic range of services will be generated to increase the quality of life in this charming area.  

Judging from what already exists and what is yet to come, Philippe does not doubt this has been a successful real estate investment. His testimony shows that the important thing is not to make dreams come true when there is the option to live in one of them.