Marbella, Spain
22 Jul, 2022

Why choose Marbella and Real de La Quinta for your second home?

Preview Harbor of Marbella, Spain
Preview Marbella, Spain

This is nothing new. The Costa del Sol has always generated great interest among those looking for investment property as a second home. What is new, however, is the convenience of making this type of investment now. Because of this, it is not surprising that the trading market is reaching historical figures.

A secure market full of possibilities

Prices can fluctuate over time. This is how economic cycles work and the real estate market is no exception to these changes. However, the image of glamour and exclusivity that Costa del Sol offers is a trait that is maintained beyond these ups and downs in the economy.

For this reason, Malaga's real estate sector has always enjoyed excellent health. The year-on-year increase in sales, which is much higher than the regional and national average, is proof of this. The possibility of living in Malaga is not just a fad: it is a project with a vision for the future.

Real de La Quinta as a benchmark for luxury second homes

Real estate investment in Malaga not only attracts Spanish buyers but also foreign investors. But choosing, buying, and maintaining a second home in another country can be complicated.

Real de La Quinta is more than just a real estate project. It is a whole community at the client's service, so they can enjoy the advantages of their second home without worry.

Due to its wonderful location just a few kilometres from Malaga, its privileged natural surroundings, and the development prospects of a project that has been carefully planned in every detail, Real de La Quinta is a residential option with a lot of potential, from both the point of view of investment and when it comes to building a life project.