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24 Apr, 2024

Create your home office: what do you need?

Preview home office
Preview home office
Preview home office

Teleworking is gaining ground over face-to-face work, and remote jobs are becoming more and more common. The most comfortable and efficient way to telecommute is to have a specially designed space. 

Requirements for a home office

The first step in designing a home office is to choose the right place. The idea is to have a room exclusively for this purpose and to equip it with all the essential elements to work comfortably and without distractions. 

This separation of uses is not only a question of efficiency but also of functionality. When working at home, it is essential to separate the areas dedicated to professional activity and family time and leisure. 

Another essential aspect when choosing a workspace at home is the light. Choosing a well-lit room with natural light and, if possible, ensuring cool white lighting of about 6,000 k and efficient LED-type bulbs is advisable. 

The decoration is all a matter of taste. Overall, minimalist spaces create fewer distractions, and the placement of plants has been shown to positively affect productivity. 

Basic accessories for setting up a home office

Comfort is an essential element in any workspace. To achieve this, it is not only necessary to have good lighting and appropriate decoration. The choice of furniture is also essential. 

In a home office, there are two essential elements:

  • Chair: it is essential to maintain a good posture while working. Ergonomic chairs have higher prices, but in exchange, they greatly adjust the height, weight and curvature of the back.
  • Desk: A height of 75-80 cm is recommended, as well as a ample space for the chair to fit well and to be able to move the legs comfortably. Chests of drawers and other storage spaces are convenient to maintain order. 

Fibre optics at Real de La Quinta Residential Country Club Resort

Other essential accessories for setting up a home office are related to communication and connectivity. More than 25 years ago, La Quinta Real Estate Group created a telephone and Internet provider department to guarantee good Internet access from any point of the resort, providing the best lines and technologies to its real estate projects.

Being located in the mountains, La Quinta Real Estate Group wants to provide our residences with high-speed and low-latency fibre optics. These services are essential for teleworking, as they ensure that users can surf the net fluently.

Free installation, 24 hours flat rate with no download limit, possibility of temporary cancellation, personalised assistance... These are some of the guarantees included in our telephony and Internet service.

Interested in reading more? Find out more in our customer service section, where we will tell you everything you will get when you sign up.