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05 Mar, 2024

Wall decoration and alternatives to paintings

Preview wall deco
Preview wall deco
Preview wall deco

Most of the decorative surface of the home is made up of the walls. These vertical parameters make it possible to turn the rooms of the house into a real exhibition of paintings and photographs, but they can also become a challenge for those who are looking for a less conventional type of wall decoration. Here are some of the ideas we use to decorate walls in our developments. 

What other alternatives are there to paintings? 

Decorating walls without pictures may seem challenging, but let's put it in perspective: a wall is a blank canvas. It's an opportunity to create something different to add personality to the home. But taking advantage of the possibilities of these spaces means thinking beyond traditional solutions such as paintings. 

Using other less common resources such as metallic finishes, pavements, or fabrics will help create original designs that are out of the usual canons. It is enough to put a little imagination and dare to break the mould. 

Wall deco ideas without paintings

Looking for wall deco alternatives can take time and effort. Here are some inspiring ideas for those looking for a twist on conventional decoration. 

  • Wallpapers: plain, printed, fabric, with or without relief, mural type... Wallpapered walls are back in fashion and offer a catalogue of the most extensive proposals. In any of its forms, wallpaper brings new textures to the room and solves the decorative needs of large spaces very well. 
  • Mirrors are a great solution when creating attractive visual effects, improving the brightness of the rooms and generating a greater sense of spaciousness. Individual mirrors, combinations of several wall mirrors or large format mirrors directly supported on the floor can be used. 
  • Mouldings: breaking with the uniformity of a plain wall is critical to breaking the monotony of a room. Although they have traditionally been used on ceilings, mouldings and other relief panels are also very useful in wall decoration. They can be found in different materials (wood, plaster, synthetic resins, etc.), colors, and shapes (geometric, psychedelic, classic, etc.). 
  • Neons: a touch of luminosity on the wall will make the room shine with its light. White neon designs work exceptionally well on brightly coloured walls such as red or blue.