Quercus plants
08 Feb, 2024

How to use decorative plants to decorate interiors

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Plants are synonymous with vitality and are essential to fill the home with good energy. Decorating with plants helps to create a very natural space inside the house without losing sight of the aesthetic aspect. 

Benefits of decorating with plants 

Including decorative plants in the home will mean more than just a change at an aesthetic level. The use of these natural elements inside the house is also related to specific improvements in the health and well-being of those who live there. That is why at Real de La Quinta we take this into account when creating our promotions

Among the main advantages of introducing decorative plants in the rooms are the following: 

  • Improvements in the quality of the environment: plants work as natural humidifiers that also provide oxygen and purify the air. 
  • Noise reduction: a correct distribution of plants in a small room will help to dampen noise, favouring the creation of a calmer and quieter environment. 
  • Relaxing effect: both contemplation and care of plants are highly relaxing activities. Dedicating time to house plants is dedicating time to well-being. 
  • Improved mood: even the dullest and dreary spaces can be filled with colour and brightness by introducing a plant as a decorative element. The energy that plants transmit also favours a positive change in mood. 

Tips for using decorative plants 

Decorating with plants is simple. However, they are living elements, so it is necessary to consider some recommendations to ensure their proper care and maintenance. 

  • They have to be adapted to the space of the house. Some species may seem small when purchased but grow more extensive than expected. It is essential to be informed about the characteristics of the adult plant. 
  • With light but without direct sun exposure. Houseplants usually require little attention but should not be directly exposed to the sun or placed in arid and cold environments. 
  • Choose seasonal varieties. One of the advantages of decorating the home with plants is that you can vary the style of the rooms each season. It is enough to choose according to the flowering of each variety, and the rooms will always be full of colour.