Real de La Quinta - Breeam certification
14 Dec, 2022

Facts about BREEAM Sustainable Building Certificate

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With the current environmental requirements in the construction industry, there is a need to ensure the sustainability of new projects. BREEAM certification is an independent measurement method that offers quality assurance to investors in the real estate sector.

Where did the BREEAM initiative come from?

Sustainability is not new, even though it is currently on the rise. The acronym BREEAM refers to an assessment method that has been in use since 1990: the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology.

With more than three decades of experience, this is the oldest sustainability assessment methodology in the world and an essential quality label in Europe. Developers, users, managers and tenants in all countries now benefit from the guarantees it provides.

Benefits of BREEAM certification

The assessment process is carried out in an entirely independent way with the intervention of specialist assessors who help the client achieve their objectives. The benefits of obtaining this certification are highlighted on three levels:

1. Improved quality of life in buildings that are healthier and safer for users.

2. Economic savings resulting from the reduction of up to 70% of building energy consumption.

3. Environmental sustainability that benefits not only users but the planet as a whole.

4. Guaranteed future: all these benefits guarantee high quality in construction over the years.

How does the certification process work?

First of all, the application for certification involves the assignment of a recognised assessor who identifies and documents the particularities and requirements of the project in the design phase. With all this material, a first assessment report is drafted and verified by BREEAM for the issuance of a provisional certificate.

Subsequently, the assessor will write a new post-construction report following the same process before receiving the final BREEAM certification. These assessment schemes are designed to be applied to private dwellings, public buildings, or urban plans.

BREEAM Certification at Real de La Quinta

At Real de La Quinta, we have been committed to excellence from the beginning of our residential project. Proof of this quest for excellence and a model of sustainable construction is that we are the first project in Spain to be certified with the BREEAM seal.

The BREEAM licence with "Very Good" certification guarantees our clients a real estate investment that is resource efficient, limits their carbon footprint and promotes a win-win model of waste and energy management. In addition, this certification guarantees the high quality of our facilities and homes, now and in our future growth.