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07 Jan, 2021

Hello Marta

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Marta Caballero

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our Sales Department, Marta Caballero Yafil, who has lived in Marbella since 1999.

Born in Cordoba, of a Spanish father and a Parisienne mother, she speaks Spanish, French and English.

She is very family oriented and lives what she describes as a very quiet life with her husband and 13 year old son, but she also loves to travel.

Her most exotic memory is one of a vacation in the Maldives and her bucket list still has a trip to Scandinavia and - as a fan of the TV series Suits - a trip to New York on it.

We're sure she will cross these off her list in the next few years, but know that she will always come back to Real de La Quinta.

Next time you drop in to the Sales Office - be sure to say hi!