breeam certified infrastructure
22 Nov, 2019

Industry Recognition follows BREEAM® Certification


One of the more satisfying things about being a market leader is that, well, you're leading the market!

And when the market itself recognises your achievements it reinforces your commitment - in the case of Real de La Quinta it is our commitment to building an entire residential resort with all its amenities under the umbrella of sustainability and environmental integration.

It is not an easy path. BREEAM® Certification is only achieved through the application of strict regulations as to how the entire resort can be designed and how each of the elements complements the others to ensure minimal environmental impact. Following the publication our BREEAM® Certification on the BREEAM® website - see the article here - the industry press have been quick to recognise the significance of the news.

Three leading media have been quick to publish their own editorials, this certification being the first of its kind in Spain : E-FicienciaPrefieres and Construible have all explained the importance of this achievement to their readers.

This is just the first step. Our commitment to BREEAM® Certification underpins every part of the development of Real de La Quinta, ensuring that we are well ahead of the environmental requirements, and will be for decades to come. As such our clients can be assured of not only the reduced carbon footprint of their new home, but of the entire resort, being built as it is on the solid foundation of certified infrastructure.