Inés Almorza - RSR
08 Aug, 2023

Inés Almorza (RSR): "The hotel, landscape-wise is set up to blend in with its surroundings, but in a slightly more sophisticated way..."

The hotel, landscaping-wise, is designed to mimic its environment but with a touch of sophistication. We like to use plant species and trees that you would find naturally but work with their placement and distribution so that we can bring them into our design. For example, if we want to highlight an area, we might introduce a quadrant; in another, if we're going to feature a particular species, we might leave it alone, elevating it within the design that surrounds it. 

This way, we are using elements that have traditionally been used in Andalusia in patios and plazas. Still, we reinterpret them with a modern interpretation so they can stand, hand in hand, with the architecture that surrounds us. 

Equally, we play with the shrubbery, the colours in such a way that the garden becomes a constantly changing element that is always alive and evolving with the seasons.