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04 Dec, 2023

Interior design trends to welcome the New Year

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Embrace the spirit of the New year. Refreshing your home decor can infuse renewed vitality for 2024. With a new beginning on the horizon, it’s an ideal time to consider revamping the interior design of your home. 

Nature takes centre stage 

From furniture to coverings and flooring, wood remains at the forefront of interior design trends and will continue to create warm and functional spaces. It is expected that oak finishes, the most demanded variety in 2023, will repeat in ranking as the most valued wood. Not surprisingly, it is a versatile material that provides excellent luminosity and combines brilliantly with other natural fabrics such as sandstone, slate, linen or wool. 

The triumph of enveloping shapes 

In 2024, we predict organic designs based on curved lines and enveloping shapes that convey a sense of calm and fluidity. The decorative power of natural materials will likely be combined to enhance this sense of wellbeing. This trend brings back the timeless elegance of round shapes, arches and half-moons. This appealing design concept will be present in tables, countertops and chairs, as well as in lamps, rugs and other decorative accessories. 

Simplicity and elegance in colour 

Earthy and coppery hues can enhance a home’s ambience of balance and natural charm. Although beige and brown tones will be prevalent, there will also be touches of calming lavender and pastel pink colours, evoking tranquillity and joy. We can also expect tactile colours for 2024. Textured wallpaper will become more sought after in bedrooms and living rooms, departing from the minimalism of neutral backgrounds to personalise spaces with new facets. You can find more inspiration on our promotions page.