José Luis Moreno (HCP)
08 Aug, 2023

José Luis Moreno (HCP): "… we are very happy that they have chosen us to help them with their flagship project: this hotel”.

At HCP we have been working internationally since 2004. We are very used to coordinating these projects with international teams, sometimes as the Lead Consultant and on other occasions as the Local Consultant, as is the case here. 

The truth is that, in these almost twenty years, we have learned a lot about that coordination; the understanding and the difficulty that a foreign team can have in assimilating the local and national regulations that we have, and the truth is that it has not been difficult at all. It has been a very hand-to-hand coordination without any problems. 

Real de La Quinta, an architectural team from Malaga, is known for its work on some of the most important developments on the Costa del Sol. However, until now, we have not had the opportunity to work with them, and the truth is we are delighted that they have chosen us to help them with their star project: this hotel.