Liora Haymann and Ana Ramirez (OMBI)
20 Jul, 2023

Liora Haymann and Ana Ramirez (OMBI): "… in OMBI we love challenges because a challenge brings something unique out of the specific project”


The topography was key, and we carefully selected the location. We positioned each of the components of the project very precisely, oriented towards the views to maximize the guest experience. So, for us, we just embraced the contours of the land, and we created this series and layering of courtyards, representative and evocative of the local culture and the old town charm integrated into our designs. It was crucial to identify the opportunities and, based on the challenges that we had in terms of the grading and the density that we had to meet; it was great defining the potential of the design. 


And I would like to add that when we look at a site, one of the OBMI core values is understanding the sense of place, the identity of a particular place. Here is where we talk about topography and views. We also have to add climate because the nature of it is those three things and even the vegetation. All of that is part of the story of the site, and, as Ana said, it’s an intense program on a very steep slope, which is a challenge. We at OBMI love a challenge because a challenge brings out something unique to that specific project.