Luxury Real Estate
30 Nov, 2022

Why luxury construction is not at odds with sustainability

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The construction sector is demanding a new, cleaner operating model that is spreading to other industries. Emission limits and material selection policies are becoming increasingly stringent, but the luxury real estate sector is already prepared to contribute to this sustainable development.

Sustainable trends in the luxury real estate sector

Neither builders nor investors are left out of this green transformation. A commitment to a more sustainable future implies a change of perspective that affects all industry sectors, including real estate. To ensure this balance between growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection, luxury construction is reinventing itself. Premium offerings are now also defined by their excellence in terms of sustainability.

1. Pure and local materials

This term encompasses all materials that help to filter natural resources without the intervention of pollutants. Structures made of pure materials from local regions are more efficient. They also reduce the carbon footprint and health risks.

2. New insulation alternatives

Green roofs and walls make luxury properties look more attractive, but there are other purposes besides this. They also function as high-efficiency insulation solutions that keep the temperature more stable, prevent thermal leakage and produce oxygen.

3. Smart technology

In the age of digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a reality present in homes. Thanks to home automation and the Internet of Things, it is possible to more efficiently manage the resources used in a luxury home.

4. Energy efficiency

The optimal thermal insulation of a premium home and the installation of self-supply sources allow this type of construction to generate more energy than it consumes. Negative consumption values favour more effective use of these resources.

5. Efficiency certifications

It is not enough for developers and builders to say a construction project is energy efficient: these claims need a solid basis. Certifications such as the BREEAM seal obtained by Real de La Quinta endorse a sustainable and efficient construction project.