Puerto Banús - Marbella
09 Aug, 2022

Luxury Real Estate: the new gold, a safe-haven asset to invest in

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High demand for luxury homes in a limited market. Today, owning a luxury villa, chalet, or flat in a privileged area means having a highly profitable asset. High-end real estate is replacing the safe-haven asset of gold at a time when bricks and mortar are the best way to make savings profitable.

Marbella in the spotlight of the most exclusive investments

Real estate in Marbella has always been on an upward trajectory. The market appreciates year on year, but luxury options in new-build properties are not the most plentiful. When the opportunity arises, you must jump at it.

Whether you are looking for the ideal home or an investment that will pay off in the medium term, Marbella's luxury property market is a great investment option. The eventual rise in mortgage and interest rates has unleashed unprecedented sales of luxury villas and townhouses across the country, especially on the Costa del Sol. A scenario that makes this an ideal moment for the acquisition of a property with these characteristics.

Luxury as a lifestyle

The pandemic has triggered a change in trends in real estate investment. The buyer profile is no longer just that of an investor looking to close a lucrative deal but of someone looking for a change of lifestyle.

The amenities offered by these luxury properties are seen as a comfortable and secure solution after the experience of lockdown. The dream of having a home surrounded by nature in a peaceful and healthy environment is a very tempting life project that has encouraged many buyers to upgrade to this level.