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13 Mar, 2024

Marbella desalination plant increases its working capacity

Preview desalination plant
Preview desalination plant

The Junta de Andalucía plans a progressive expansion of water production at the Marbella desalination plant. The initiative is part of the regional government's new anti-drought strategy, and will involve an initial change from 8 to 12 cubic hectometers of desalinated water, and from 12 to 20 cubic hectometers in a second phase. 

Emergency drought measures

The water shortage affecting most of the Spanish territory is forcing the regional governments to take urgent measures against drought. The extension of the working capacity of the Marbella desalination plant, recently approved by the Andalusian Government Council, is proof of this. 

As it is an initiative to take advantage of already existing infrastructures, the project can be carried out as quickly as possible, without bureaucratic aspects slowing down its immediate start-up. If everything goes according to plan, the expansion will be ready in just a few months, guaranteeing water supply in the area despite the unfavorable drought conditions in practically the entire country. 

Measures to reduce water consumption

The expansion of the capacity of the Marbella desalination plant does not interfere with plans to reduce water consumption, but rather represents an important back-up supply in this situation of scarcity. 

After the incorporation of new modules in the current infrastructure of the Marbella desalination plant, these facilities will double the production of fresh water. This will serve to recharge the aquifers and provide a respite for citizens and businessmen without further depleting the area's main water resource, the La Concepción reservoir.