Marbella, Spain
26 May, 2022

Why is Marbella synonymous with exclusivity and quality of life?

Preview Marbella, Spain
Preview Marbella, Spain

The name Marbella is known in every corner of the world. This resort town on Costa del Sol is an international benchmark for elegance, luxury and glamour. But what is it that gives Marbella that exclusive label? 

Epicentre of high standing services

There are many reasons why Marbella is a tourist destination full of charm and many other reasons why it is also an exclusive destination. Excellent weather, quality of life, and the incredible historical and monumental heritage of the town are just some of these reasons. 

Few Spanish cities offer such a variety of exclusive services for locals and visitors alike. Extravagant boats and yachts, high-end real estate such as La Quinta, exclusive shopping areas, splendid golf courses or restaurants and terraces frequented by celebrities are examples of the distinguished atmosphere experienced in this part of the world. 

Marbella has managed to grow without losing its traditional charm. The town takes advantage of the great popularity endorsed by famous faces an infinity of leisure and cultural options for those who enjoy glamorous tourism. 

Leading luxury tourism destination in 2022

Marbella once again tops the list of the best European luxury destinations in rankings compiled annually by the European best destination travel portal. The emblematic Costa del Sol town is ranked number two on the list out of 400 candidates submitted. This position highlights the excellent image that the capital enjoys beyond the national borders. 

This good rating is also one of the most profitable international campaigns for the city. On account of this great position, second only to Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia), the travel portal will promote Marbella in both American and European media throughout the rest of the year. 

With an investment in promotion of around two million euros, the results of the campaign are expected to leave very positive figures for the tourism sector. A new boost for a city that has already been established as a luxury European destination for years.