Sabinas Living and Dining Room (Camera 1)
13 Jan, 2023

New Renders of Sabinas

Preview New renders of Facades & Urbanisation!

New renders of Facades & Urbanisation!

Preview New Swimming Pool renders!

New Swimming Pool renders!

Preview New Living and Dining Room renders!

New Living and Dining Room renders!

Preview New Bedroom renders!

New Bedroom renders!

Preview New terrace renders!

New terrace renders!

Preview New Solarium render!

New Solarium render!

We have new renders of Sabinas! Although we still have some work to do on some of the renders we have uploaded to the web, we wanted to show you the work we are doing, we are very excited about them. You can see them on the Sabinas website, I hope you like them as much as we do.

New Renders:

  • +2 renders of Façade at night.
  • +2 renders of Block 1 (Day and Night)
  • +1 render with Block 1 and 2
  • +1 render with Block 4 and 3
  • +1 render of detail of Views
  • +2 renders of Swimming Pool (Day and Night)
  • +3 renders of Living and Dining Room
  • +3 renders of Master Bedroom
  • +1 render of Bedroom 2
  • +1 rendering of Bedroom 3
  • +2 renders of Terrace
  • +1 rendering of Solarium

Renders Updated:

  • Master Bathroom
  • Toilet

Renders pending changes:

  • We are going to add a render with all the blocks of Phase I together.
  • The two renders of the swimming pool will be updated, modifying the vegetation to adapt it to our vision of the project.
  • We are going to update the render of the kitchen, we are going to use a lighter wood to make the kitchen look brighter, so that there is more contrast between the grey furniture of the kitchen and the wood.
  • An additional render will be added for the second bedroom.
  • An additional render will be added for the third bedroom.
  • We are working on the decoration of the third bedroom.
  • The main bathroom will be updated with new decorative elements.