breeam certification
20 May, 2021

Olivos I & II Awarded Breeam Certification

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Breeam Certification - Very Good

We are delighted to announce that Olivos Phases I & II have been officially granted the Final Certification from Breeam with a classification of Very Good.

Our commitment to the Breeam programme is a reflection of our wider commitment to the sustainability of the Real de La Quinta Residential Country Club Resort. Breeam evaluation and their hands on guidance throughout the design and construction process, means that the homes in Real de La Quinta Residential Country Club Resort are significantly advanced in terms of the reduced environmental impact they will have on the land upon which they are built and the ecosystem to which they are to become a part.

Attaining Breeam certification at this level is no mean feat. From the careful design of the apartments with the natural light analysis, through to careful selection of materials sourced from within a maximum radius of 100km, every aspect of the development is considered, and the evaluation considers not only the initial impact of the construction, but the future reductions in energy consumption and conservation that the decisions taken during this particular phase for the developments lifespan will determine.

As environmental considerations become ever more important, we are proud to be at the forefront of property developers combining technology and design in the quest for sustainability.