sierra de las nieves unesco biosphere
22 Nov, 2018

Our Neighbour - the UNESCO Biosphere

There are 49 protected UNESCO biospheres in Spain. No other country has more, although Mexico comes close with 42, and Canada's 18 probably cover significantly more territory.

But Spain can be rightly proud of the natural heritage UNESCO has recognised and chosen to protect.

To the north of Real de La Quinta the Sierra de Las Nieves biosphere stretches as far as the eye can see - covering an area of almost 100,000ha (386 square miles). This natural reserve is home to a rich mixture of flora and fauna and is on the migration paths of many species of birds who fly south over the Sierra for winter, to then return in Spring.

Just minutes from the heart of Real de La Quinta one can be in the pure unspoiled nature - and, thanks to UNESCO, this will be as true in the future as it is today.

Find out more about the Sierra de las Nieves on the UNESCO website.