Quercus 360º Virtual Tour

Quercus 360 Virtual Tour
20 Sep, 2021

Quercus 360º Virtual Tour

We have updated and published the 360º Virtual Tour of Quercus on the Real de La Quinta website. New content has been created that corresponds to Phase II of Quercus and this has been merged with the old 360 that we had of Phase I, to offer a more unified and enriching user experience.

You can access this 360 through the Quercus website, using the button enabled for it: "360 Virtual Tour" or simply by accessing this link.

With this utility you will be able to access the different phases, common areas, views and apartment interiors of Quercus in a visual and interactive way.

As the name of this tool indicates, you can turn the camera left and right, up and down throughout 360 degrees and you can even zoom in or out to get more detail.

We encourage you to try it !!!