quercus phase 1
07 Oct, 2020

Quercus Phase I is Taking Shape

The 36 apartments and penthouses in Phase I of Quercus are advancing on schedule and we are excited to see the progress being made and are delighted to be able to share these latest images with you!

The sweeping curves of the balconies is no apparent, and it is clear that this will be an eye catching feature of the architectural design.

The photographs also offer a clear indication of the impressive scope of the project, with significant land movement and foundations.

As work progresses, this is a perfect time to arrange a site visit if you have not already done so... and if you haven't visited the site recently, you'll be surprised at the progress that has been made in spite of the restrictions which the construction teams have had to implement over the summer in accordance with government guidelines.

Why not give our Sales Department a call on 952 762 400 and arrange a tour - we'd love to show you around (we're so proud!)

quercus block 1
quercus block 1 foundations
quercus block 2
quercus block 2 foundations
quercus block 3 foundations
quercus block 3 foundations2
quercus block 4
quercus block 4 foundations
quercus block 5
quercus block 5 first floor
quercus block 6 first floor
quercus block 6
quercus block 7
quercus block 7 storerooms