bim in malaga
30 Nov, 2018

Real de La Quinta - An Example to Follow

The BIM (BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING) methodology is a collaborative and interdisciplinary work methodology for the management of construction projects, which uses a 3D digital model of what is intended to be built, together with a database associated with this model, that is fed and managed throughout the life of the project, from its conceptualization and design, during its construction, to the operation
and maintenance of facilities.
OLIVOS is a pioneering project in the development of this methodology in the area, and for that reason we have been sharing our experience in these conferences that have been held in the Municipal Management of Urbanism of Malaga, in which the key people were represented in the implementation and development of this methodology in Spain.

We are very proud that Real de La Quinta and, in particular, our first project Olivos is being presented as a case study by our Technical Director, Oscar Gutiérrez and our BIM Manager, Francisco Olea, alongside a representative from our architects, Rodolfo Jacobson of González & Jacobson.

It is precisely because we embrace new technologies that we find ourselves at the leading edge of construction advances. Our selection as a case study is further evidence of our position as market leaders and to be recognised as such by our peers is very rewarding.

For more information visit the BIM website.