pinsapos in the sierra del as nieves
15 Feb, 2021

Sierra de Las Nieves to become Spain's 16th National Park

One of the many exceptional features of Real de La Quinta is it's unique location.

Not only is it close to the heart of the Costa del Sol - possibly Europe's most popular holiday and residential destination - but it is also deeply connected to the natural enclave within which it is taking shape.

It has long been a source of pride that Real de La Quinta is located at the southern border of the Sierra de Las Nieves - a UNESCO protected Biosphere stretching into the mountains that form the backdrop to our development. Today, however, this pride is even greater as the news is published that the Sierra de Las Nieves has taken a huge step towards becoming Spain's 16th National Park - and only the third in Andalusia after Sierra Nevada and Coto Doñana - which will enshrine it's status and protect its future as an area of exceptional natural beauty.

With the recent approval by the Spanish government the process is now awaiting final confirmation - a step which is essentially a formality.

There is no doubt that this reflects very positively on Real de La Quinta. Being one of this National Park's closest neighbours and dedicated to our Breeam certification, we feel a powerful responsibility to ensure complete integration with the natural environment and to protect the park's flora and fauna - especially the Pinsapo, a pine tree native to the local area, which is to become the symbol of the new National Park.