Sierra de las Nieves, in the Province of Malaga
22 Jul, 2022

Beach or mountain? This is Sierra de las Nieves National Park

Preview Sierra de las Nieves, in the Province of Malaga
Preview Sierra de las Nieves, in the Province of Malaga

Although Marbella is mainly known for its ports and beaches, the province's inland landscapes offer many other attractions. The Sierra de las Nieves, part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 1995, has been classified as a National Park since 2021. However, for the people of Málaga, it is much more than a priceless natural site: it is a sign of identity.

Biodiversity as a calling card

The reddish mountains wind their way through whitish sierras while mountain goats, roe deer, and mongoose roam freely among forests of Spanish fir, cork oak, and holm oak. The landscape experiences constant transformation. Its image changes as the seasons go by and, because of this, the area always offers a natural picture of great beauty.

Within its 20,163 hectares, the Sierra de las Nieves has a wealth of unique animal, botanical, hydrological, and geological features that give the park a genuine character. The local inhabitants have preserved these values as the treasure they are.

A natural paradise open to visitors

One of the distinctive features of Sierra de las Nieves National Park is its excellent accessibility. The extensive network of paths allows visitors to immerse themselves in the area's charms and get to know the mountain villages from the depths of the landscape.

The area is characterised by a wide range of activities that allow travellers to enjoy the experience with enriching alternatives such as tasting typical local products, bird watching, horse riding or mycological routes. A perfect destination for a few days getaway or to consider a new life in idyllic surroundings.