olivos phase III
07 Oct, 2020

The Third and Final Phase of Olivos Nearing Completion

Preview olivos phase III side view
Preview olivos phase III rear
Preview olivos block 10
Preview olivos block 10 garden apartments
Preview olivos block 10 entrance
Preview olivos block 11
Preview olivos block 11 rear
Preview olivos block 12
Preview olivos block 12 side view

The work on the third and final phase of Olivos is progressing and these latest photographs show just how well.

The main structures are complete, and work has moved inside, with much of the wood and aluminium carpentry well under way in most blocks.

It 's exciting to see the project develop from the initial plans to this point. Olivos dominates the skyline as one approaches Real de La Quinta from La Quinta - and, as a result, enjoys spectacular views to the sea, Gibraltar and North Africa.

If you still haven't visited Real de La Quinta, now is the perfect time.