combat heat summer
05 Jun, 2024

Tips to combat the heat sustainably and economically in summer

Preview combat heat summer
Preview combat heat summer
Preview combat heat summer

Although it is beneficial on the hottest days, air conditioning is optional to get through the summer comfortably. At Real de La Quinta we ensure that our air conditioning installations are as energy efficient as possible, but other more efficient ways to combat heat or high temperatures without increasing energy consumption at home exist, making the most of the excellent quality of the carpentry, exterior enclosures and exterior landscaping present in our real estate projects. 

Sustainable homes during the summer 

The decision to use air conditioning at home is not just a question of economics. Regular use of this solution contributes to global warming and negatively impacts the planet's sustainability. 

Instead of turning on the air conditioner as the first alternative to cool the home, it is time to consider other less polluting and equally efficient options. Here are some sound practices to maintain a comfortable temperature at home without wasting energy: 

  • Properly ventilate the rooms

Ventilation should be done at least 15 minutes early in the day and late in the evening. The idea is to open windows that generate a current of fresh air inside the house and keep them closed for the rest of the day.

  • Correctly use awnings, curtains and blinds 

Keeping direct sunlight out of the windows during the day will prevent the inside temperature from rising 2-3 degrees too high. The idea is to deploy awnings on large terraces and balconies and use blackout curtains in the most exposed sunlight. It is estimated that heat can be reduced by up to 33% with these practices.

  • Make intelligent use of the kitchen 

Cooler recipes that do not require long cooking times are more appetizing on hot days. Certain household appliances, such as the oven or hotplates, will heat up the environment, extending to the nearest rooms. It is recommended to avoid its use.

  • Change the textiles in the living room and bedroom 

The right textiles should be used to improve the feeling of comfort during rest. Cotton or linen sheets and cushions are cooler. Even on hot days, these fabrics feel exceptionally light and breathable when in contact with the body.