Hiking in Marbella
11 Jul, 2024

Tips for hiking in Marbella

One of the best ways to discover the natural treasures of the Costa del Sol is on foot. Make the most of the most charming routes of the Mediterranean with these tips for hiking in Marbella.

6 tips for hiking in the best conditions

Marbella and its surroundings are an excellent destination for outdoor sports such as hiking. Thanks to its moderate climate and a well-marked network of rural trails, it is possible to hike through nature all year round.

Use specialized footwear

Even on low-difficulty routes, it is advisable to wear technical footwear that offers good ankle support and a good grip on the terrain.

Choose fabrics adapted to each season

The easiest way is to dress in layers in winter to make it more comfortable to adapt to changes in temperature, wind or rain and to include garments that protect the head and face from breathing cold air. In summer, light, quick-drying clothing is the way to go. It is best to use breathable synthetic fabrics in both hot and cold weather, avoiding cotton.

Use walking poles

These accessories improve stability and balance, making each step safer. In addition, they take the weight off the joints and are great for removing small obstacles on the path, such as stones or branches.

Carrying a backpack with lumbar support

A well-fitted backpack is essential to ensure proper posture during the route and to avoid overloading the shoulders and neck. It is also essential to organize it well: large, soft objects in the lower part, heavy objects in the part most in contact with the back and small, light objects in the upper pockets, distributing the weight equally between the right and left sides.

Be informed and informed

Before setting out on a walk, it is advisable to plan the route and the time en route to calculate the timetables and the necessary supplies. For both solo and group outings, it is important to communicate your plans to other people not involved in the hike and to carry your phone with a charged battery.

Hydration and sun protection

Water and sunscreen are as necessary in winter as in summer. It is essential to stay hydrated throughout the tour and to be aware of any water points along the route. Applying sunscreen is another way to keep the skin hydrated and avoid the appearance of spots while using hats will help prevent sunstroke.

To warm up the engines: route of the Holy Chestnut Tree 

From the traffic circle of Real de La Quinta, heading north ascends a road that connects with the path of Marbella-Ronda, a cattle track easily passable in the known Puerta Verde de Marbella. It is an easy round trip itinerary if it were not for its length (27 km distance), although there is the option of leaving a vehicle halfway to make the trip only one way (about 3 h). 

Regardless of the effort, the journey is a rewarding one. The road unveils breathtaking vistas of the Sierra de las Nieves, a natural wonderland brimming with surprises such as the Castaño Santo. This millenary giant, with a perimeter of over 13 m and a height of nearly 24 m, has been the birthplace of numerous legends. It stands as a natural monument, a testament to the unique environment it thrives in.