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04 Jan, 2024

Trends 2024: top colour palettes in interior design

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Colour is one of the fundamental variables in interior design. Trends in the use of one shade or another are constantly evolving, and the start of a new year is a great time to catch up with the latest trends in interior design and give the rooms in your home a new look. 

What colours will be on trend in 2024? 

The colour of the walls in a room is much more than an aesthetic choice. Colours are associated with emotions and sensations, so knowing what message you want to convey in your rooms is essential to use the colour that best suits them. 

The colour palette that will set the trend in 2024 is characterised, above all, by sophistication. The experts in interior decoration have decided to go for shades that are out of the conventional to look for a touch of distinction in pigments with an exotic and captivating touch that enhances the everyday. 

These are the five most outstanding colours in interior design 2024 in the opinion of manufacturers and interior designers: 

Blue Nova (Benjamin Moore brand)

A medium blue tone with violet undertones that add a touch of warmth to the natural pigment. It is a versatile colour that works as well on walls as on doors and furniture. Interior designers recommend a matt finish in the bedroom and semi-gloss in the living/dining room. The combination of pinks, reds and oranges suits it perfectly. 

Cracked Pepper (Behr brand)

Is a peppered black with a satin finish, designed for minimalist and elegant environments. It combines perfectly with cream colours and natural textiles such as linen or cotton in soft tones and with worn touches. 

Sweet Home (Bruguer brand)

The interior colour trends 2024 are for subtle elegance in rustic environments. Sweet Home has a pale pink tone that breaks with the traditional white, introducing a cottony effect in the environment. It is an excellent shade for country-style homes as it works well with wood and ceramics. 

Viridis (Graham & Brown brand)

Nature makes it to the top colour list for 2024 with shades like this one from Graham & Brown. Viridis is a soft olive-green colour that adds depth to the space. It has such a light finish that it is not overpowering so that you can use it in living rooms, bedrooms or offices. 

Yucca flower (Valentine brand)

It is a commitment to cream colours, which will also gain prominence this season. It is a renewed version of the typically rustic colours you can use in contemporary design environments. Making beautiful combinations with yellow, sand, and toasted brown tones is possible.