ibex at real de la quinta
07 Aug, 2020

A Truly Natural Enclave

Preview ibex at the showroom

The visitors in the garden of the Qualities Showroom

Preview ibex at the entrance to real de la quinta

Enjoying the vegetation at the entrance to Real de La Quinta

Preview ibex in real de la quinta

Real de La Quinta - embracing nature

When Real de La Quinta was first conceived a core value was that of integration with nature. We wanted the development to blend with the natural environment. This is why we are so passionate about our Breeam certification. We want the impact on the environment to be minimal.

As with all hopes and desires, however, we are not always in control. Sometimes our best intentions and careful plans don't work out quite as expected. And Mother Nature can be stubborn!

So it is incredibly satisfying to see that we have wildlife happily coexisting in the resort. This family of Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica) were enjoying a picnic just outside our Qualities Showroom at the entrance to the development. They seem quite comfortable with us being here and we are delighted that they are here!