Quercus - Real de La Quinta
27 Dec, 2023

Materials for our buildings: what is AQUAPANEL and what is it used for?

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At Real de La Quinta we have successfully faced one of the main challenges in the energy efficiency of a building: thermal insulation. The AQUAPANEL solution in the cladding guarantees the thermal comfort and safety of our villas and apartments. 


AQUAPANEL is the name given to the cladding solutions patented by the German brand Knauf. Under this same name there is an extensive range of interior and exterior partitioning and roofing systems based on cement slabs and different joint treatments. 

Why did we choose AQUAPANEL? 

The AQUAPANEL solutions are versatile and easily manageable. Due to their lightweight nature and optimal elasticity, these panels are easy to cut and install, thus reducing working time.

However, the advantages of these panels are not limited to time and effort savings. AQUAPANEL coatings provide high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation, which is one of the reasons why our real estate projects have BREEAM certification for sustainable constructions.

AQUAPANEL Employment in Real de La Quinta 

Among the many options offered by Knauf AQUAPANEL panels, we have opted for its continuous suspended ceilings at Real de La Quinta. This horizontal cladding system is the most suitable in natural spaces such as the location of our residential resort, with humidity levels that sometimes exceed 70%. 

AQUAPANEL suspended ceilings consist of metal structures bolted to concrete slabs with an elegant finish. For this purpose, they are treated with high-quality plastic paint in soft shades that make them attractive. The result is a high-performance roof that guarantees the interior comfort of the house, insulating it from noise and temperature changes efficiently.