entrance at real de la quinta
21 Jul, 2020

When are you going to visit?

Preview cascade water feature

The Cascade Water Feature at the entrance to Real de La Quinta

Now that the restrictions have been relaxed, we are delighted to be welcoming visitors up to Real de La Quinta once more. Our new entrance is complete along with the cascade water feature and the shaded Mirador from which the central valley can be viewed.

From this excellent vantage point, with views down to the coast, you can clearly see the locations (indicated by coloured flags) of the future lake, golf course and hotel. As the earth movements progress it is becoming easier every day to visualise the amenities as they take shape.

Contact our Sales Department on 952 762 400 and arrange a guided tour of the site - and while you're there we will also show you Olivos and Quercus - you'll be impressed with the progress that's being made!