calidad pascual and caritas
30 Apr, 2020

Calidad Pascual Donates 1Million Breakfasts to Caritas Charity

The charity Cáritas estimates that the Covid-19 crisis will push 8.5 million people into poverty in Spain. Our parent company, Calidad Pascual has donated one million breakfasts - comprising of milk, cereals, oil, fruit juice, coffee, yoghurts, etc. - from their range of products to help Cáritas feed an estimated 35,000 people.

The President of Calidad Pascual, Tomás Pascual confirmed, "When solidarity is required, everything action counts. Working together with Cáritas during these difficult times helps us to help the most vulnerable in our society. Our corporate values are reflected in this work."

At Real de La Quinta, we are proud to be part of such a company.