Javier Muñoz - Banyan Tree Group
13 Jul, 2023

Javier Muñoz (Banyan Tree): "When we saw the mountains and the views, we said this is the place for our hotel"

The Mediterranean has always been on our radar for the Banyan Tree Group and we have been looking at many projects around the Mediterranean and we just opened an hotel in Greece, in Corfu, one and a half years ago, so it pairs up with this, this is also an Angsana brand. 

So it makes sense that when we started looking at Marbella, and especially Real de La Quinta, when we saw the topography of the mountains and the sea views we straight away said, this is the place to have our hotel. 

We are pioneers in opening new destinations around the world. Normally, for Banyan Tree or Banyan Tree Group, any of our brands, it’s a remote location, complicated to access and this was totally different. 

I tell you, when I signed this deal our Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing said “Finally, you have one well known destination” because the Costa del Sol of course, and Marbella is a well known destination all over the world, so for us it’s just so easy to sell this.