16 Oct, 2019

Real de La Quinta achieves Infrastructure Planning Breeam Certificate


One of the core features of Real de La Quinta is the BREEAM®  certification achieved, the first one in its class in Spain, under the scheme BREEAM®ES Urbanismo.

To achieve this recognition we have had to ensure that our design has followed sustainable criteria in consideration of its magnificent location. This certification guarantees that our design is respectful with the environment and incorporates strategies and technologies to minimise its environmental impact, increase its resilience, ensure good environmental quality and promote a healthy lifestyle within the development, thus, enabling the balance between natural capital and people’s wellbeing.

This has been done following the BREEAM®ES Urbanism Scheme and in conjunction with our BREEAM®ES Assessor, Arup, from the early stages of urban planning to ensure that the master plan and infrastructure project make a positive contribution to the following areas considered by BREEAM: Climate and Energy, Community, Site Design, Ecology, Transportation, Resources, Promotion of the Local Economy, and last, but by no means least, Building Design.

Having received certification on the planning and the whole infrastructure layout of the project we are providing the required foundations to enable a continuous sustainable development over the life cycle of El Real de la Quinta. In this way,  we are confident that we will continue to promote a more sustainable urban environment and community with the economic, social and environmental benefits that this represents.

This achievement has been completed thanks to the hard work and clear vision of everyone involved with Real de La Quinta, and its recognition of the commitment towards sustainability that is one of our core values.

With this goal reached we are excited to move forward towards supporting the continuous implementation of BREEAM® certification in our further developments  placing Real de La Quinta firmly at the leading edge of property development in Spain.