Puerto Banús - Marbella
17 Aug, 2022

Why Marbella is the perfect place to retire or end your working life

Preview Marbella, Spain

If the idea of retirement is to live in a peaceful place, close to nature and with a warm climate almost all year round, Marbella is one of the places to include on the list. With at least 300 days of sunshine each year, a rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as an attractive luxury housing stock, it's no wonder that this iconic Andalusian town has become a popular destination for those seeking retirement.

Quality free time

Having more free time means finding new hobbies and activities to spend it on. There are many reasons why Marbella is an ideal place to take on new challenges during the final years of work:


The province's infrastructures offer excellent connectivity with other areas of Andalusia, the peninsula, and the world. Malaga is an international destination with good air, sea, and land connections. This gives the city and the whole region an interesting cosmopolitan air that is very easy to integrate.


Sunny summers and mild winters. Malaga's climate allows for outdoor activities practically all year round.

Cultural activities

Theatre, dance, concerts, and exhibitions. This is a region with a long artistic tradition. Malaga's cultural plan is characterised by offering interesting proposals throughout the year, either through itinerant or recurring activities. These activities include its already consolidated Film Festival or its extensive network of museums, exhibition halls, and monuments, with the Picasso Museum being a point of reference.

Social life

Málaga is synonymous with beach bars, chiringuitos, stylish beach clubs, and golf courses. Whether it’s the simplicity of traditional events or the more exclusive events, both offer an excellent opportunity to socialise and widen the circle of friends and acquaintances with whom to share hobbies.

Real estate on offer

Good weather and a busy schedule of activities would be of little use without a pleasant place to relax. And in that sense, the province can also boast having one of the highest concentrations of luxurious real estate in the country. It is a good place for investment property for retirement.