breeam certification very good: Olivos
11 May, 2022

Life in a Healthy Environment is “Very Good”: Olivos & Quercus Case Study

At Real de La Quinta we're not only dedicated to the construction of real estate but also to the creation of a sustainable future. To reaffirm this environmental commitment, we requested the BREEAM certificate to offer our owners a residential project where efficiency is a top priority. 

More than "Good", Real de La Quinta goes further and gets "Very Good".

The "Very Good" status is our main goal

Technology, quality and good environmental practices; obtaining a good score on the BREEAM certificate was a mandatory challenge in the development of our real estate project. 

The BREEAM certificate, with over two decades of experience in the market of voluntary audits, is known as one of the most rigorous and demanding evaluation systems in the construction market. 

Its score is based on certain criteria that, when combined, define the sustainability of a building. These are some of those variables: 

  • Energy, well-being and health
  • Good land use
  • Waste management
  • Materials used
  • Employers' behaviours and innovation

Thanks to the efficient implementation of their design and the approach of their real estate projects, the first urbanisation infrastructure of Real de La Quinta, has obtained the definitive BREEAM certificate for Olivos and provisional one for Quercus, both with a "Very Good" classification. 

The very first project in Spain certified with a BREEAM seal of approval 

The efforts made have paid off. Real de La Quinta is now the first project in Spain certified with a BREEAM seal of approval on infrastructure urbanisation, which is an extremely important goal in the development of a building model that takes care of the planet. 

This certificate of sustainable building has benefits not only for us. Our clients and property owners, as well as the community in general, will share the economic, social and environmental benefits of the BREEAM certification: 

  • Lower water consumption
  • Efficient use of energy 
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint 
  • Recycling and use of waste

With our guide of environmental awareness presented to all the owners of Real de La Quinta, we have taken our commitment to a higher level. A sustainable future built by and for everyone! 

breeam certificate Olivos
breeam certificate Olivos
breeam certificate Olivos
breeam certificate Olivos
breeam certificate Quercus